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Reusable shopping bag
  • Reusable shopping bagReusable shopping bag
  • Reusable shopping bagReusable shopping bag
  • Reusable shopping bagReusable shopping bag

Reusable shopping bag

Welcome to wholesale or customized Reusable shopping bag from our factory at any time.Find a huge selection of Recycled Non Woven Bag from China at Challenge Wolves. Provide professional after-sales service and the right price, looking forward to cooperation.

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Product Description

We will provide you with factory discount prices for our products. Challenge is Reusable shopping bag manufacturers and suppliers in China. Find a huge selection of Reusable shopping bag from China at Challenge. Provide professional after-sales service and the right price, looking forward to cooperation. PP non-woven embossing bag is made from PP non-woven. The bag can be printing your design. It can made from PP non-woven with PET or OPP lamination. You also can customize the embossing pattern. You can customize the size and bag shape you want.

Reusable shopping bag (a new type of practical bag) generally refers to an environmentally friendly bag

There should be two definitions of eco-friendly bags, on the one hand, it refers to those made of natural materials that can be reused; On the other hand, it means that solid waste will not remain in the natural environment after it is broken, causing harm to the environment (or the harm to the environment is relatively small compared to other materials).

It is difficult to degrade after the general plastic bag is discarded in the environment, and even if a small part of it is decomposed, harmful substances will be produced, and the use of environmentally friendly bags can avoid such environmental pollution.

Plastic shopping bags are consumables in daily life, and China consumes a large number of plastic shopping bags every year. While providing convenience for consumers, plastic shopping bags have also caused serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution due to excessive use and inadequate recycling and other reasons. In particular, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags are easy to break, and most of them are discarded at will, becoming the main source of "white pollution". More and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sales and use of plastic shopping bags. In order to implement the scientific concept of development and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, effective measures should be taken from the source to urge enterprises to produce durable and easy-to-recycle plastic shopping bags, guide and encourage the masses to use plastic shopping bags rationally, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, protect the ecological environment, and further promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

The so-called environmental protection bag, generally refers to its production materials can be naturally degraded, and the time to be degraded is not too long, at the same time, can also be reused many times of the bag, we can call it environmental protection bag.

Reusable shopping bag Description

Style :

PP non-woven embossing bag

Material :

PP non-woven

Color :

Customized design, Maxumum printing 8 colors


Rotogavure printing, silk screen printing, hot stamp printing

Feature :

Reusable, eco-friendly, waterproof, fashionable, durable

Suitable :

Wholesale,Shopping, advertisement, gift bag, promotional, garment/shoe bag

Service :

OEM & ODM service available

Reusable shopping bag Details


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