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How to distinguish degradable environmental bags


1. Observe labels: biodegradable bags will be marked with "biodegradable", "environmentally friendly bags" and other environmental marks. At the same time, there will be signs explaining the material composition and instructions for use.
2. Smell: degradable environmental protection bag with natural food taste, no odor. If there is a pungent odor, it is likely to be ordinary plastic bags rather than degradable environmentally friendly bags.

3. Materials: degradable environmental bags are mainly made of biodegradable materials such as starch or polylactic acid, which is different from traditional plastic bags. You should carefully read the information on the package to ensure that it is truly degradable.

4. Degradation: degradable environmental bags can be rapidly degraded into water and carbon dioxide and other environmental substances. The way to test whether the bag can be quickly degraded is to put it in water, and if the bag is found to be cracked and soft after a few minutes, it is a degradable environmentally friendly bag.

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