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What is RPET recycled fabric ?


What is RPET recycled fabric ?

1. Name Origin

RPET fabric is collectively known as cola bottle environmental (RPET) fabric, it is a new type of green and environmentally friendly recycled fabric ,fabric using environmentally friendly recycled yarn.

2. Production process

RPET fabric is made of recycled recycled environment-friendly fiber raw materials from Coke bottles. The recycled Coke bottles are rolled into pieces and then processed by drawing wire. It can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saving nearly 80% energy compared with conventional polyester fiber production

3 RPET fabric applicable scope

Bag category, computer bag, ice cream bag, satchel, backpack, suitcase, makeup bag, pen bag, camera bag, shopping bag, handbag, gift bag, bundle pocket, suitcase, storage box, medical bag, etc. B. Home textiles: four-piece bedding sets, blankets, backrest, throw pillows, toys, sofa covers, aprons, umbrellas, raincoats, parasols, curtains, cloth, etc.

4. Global RPET material demand and future trend

In recent years, the production capacity of the chemical fiber industry has grown rapidly, its scale and application fields have been continuously expanded, and remarkable achievements have been made in structural adjustment and transformation, scientific and technological innovation expulsion, green manufacturing level, brand, standard and talent construction, etc.


According to the research data, one ton of recycled PET gauze = 67,000 plastic bottles = 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide = Saving 0.0364 tons of oil = Saving 6.2 tons of water.


So the recycling of renewable resources is necessary.

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