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What are the advantages of this PP Woven Cooler Bag?


PP Woven Cooler Bag is a kind of eco-friendly bag, which is one of the most popular bags in the market. What's good about this bag?

Since the ban began, the cost of plastic bags has increased and many shopping malls have started charging for them, replacing them with reusable non-woven bags. Compared with plastic bags, PP Woven Cooler Bag is more environmentally friendly in cost, longer in time, can be reused, and has a lower loss rate.

PP Woven Cooler Bag is waterproof and non-stick, so it becomes the first choice for customers to go out. In such a non-woven bag, you can print a company or enterprise logo, the effect is self-evident.

Traditional plastic bags are thin and easily damaged. Can not be used many times, and non-woven cloth is just to solve these problems, non-woven bag, strong toughness, not easy to wear. Although the cost of a single non-woven bag is higher than the plastic bag, but the service life of each non-woven environmentally friendly shopping bag can be worth hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.

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