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Measurement methods for non-woven insulation bags


Ban plastic order issued, there are all kinds of non-woven insulation bags on the market, some are directly advertised to customers, some stores directly sell non-woven insulation bags, many customers in custom-made non-woven insulation bags, the total score is not clear exactly how to measure non-woven insulation bags.

We regard non-woven insulation bag as a cuboid, hand-held insulation bag size description order is generally "length * width * side width". The bags advertised are usually accurate to the centimeter,

Non-woven insulation bag production

If there is a product packaging non-woven insulation bag finished products, compared with the sample customized, to the manufacturer to show that "the measured data is relative to the strip (edge is left and right to the edge, diameter size) between the distance or the distance between the two traces".

If you do not understand, it is necessary to inform the non-woven insulation bag manufacturer of the appearance of the product size, length, width, side width. By the manufacturer and the appropriate length, this is to do non-woven insulation bag size.

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