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Difference between S non-woven fabric and SSS non-woven fabric


1. Due to different raw materials, different processes, different quality, different management and cost, the pursuit of different profits and other reasons, the price difference of non-woven fabric is one meter.
2, for some of the low cost of raw materials, simple manufacturing process, low production cost of non-woven fabric, per square meter may cost a few yuan, like people decorate the house with non-woven wallpaper, but there are also some are made of high-grade non-woven fabric, the price is relatively high.
3, the price of non-woven fabric is one square meter, so we should also find that the price of non-woven fabric can be found by comparison of the three.
4. For example, the price difference of high-end nonwovens is relatively large, which is more important than three.
5, such as aerospace non-woven fabric price 45 million yuan/kg, wind power battery price 4500 yuan/kg.
6. Please note that the price of nonwovens is based on weight.
7, as for the price of non-woven fabric, this is a pricing method based on the calculation of the price area of non-woven fabric, which is the pricing method in the case of ignoring the impact of the production cost of non-woven fabric of different thickness.