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Biodegradable Bag
  • Biodegradable BagBiodegradable Bag
  • Biodegradable BagBiodegradable Bag
  • Biodegradable BagBiodegradable Bag
  • Biodegradable BagBiodegradable Bag

Biodegradable Bag

Challenge Wolves is a Chinese supplier of BIODEGRADABLE BAG bags for many years. Our factory has specialized in making bags for 15 years. Our bags are exported to Europe, Asia, America and so on. We have an advantage in price and quality.

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Product Description

Biodegradable bags are environmentally friendly. There are three things you can do it with RPET non woven /PLA non woven/recycled PP woven. Can be customized, can print the customer's LOGO. Can make hot pressing bag and sewing bag.

Biodegradable pouches are pouches that are capable of being broken down by bacteria or other living organisms. Approximately 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year.

In typical parlance, the word biodegradable has a different meaning than compostable. Biodegradable simply means that an object is capable of being broken down by bacteria or other organisms, while "compostable" in the plastics industry is defined as the ability to decompose in an aerobic environment that is maintained under specific controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Compostable refers to the ability to biodecompose at a composting site so that materials are visually indistinguishable and break down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a rate consistent with known compostable materials.

The material of the biodegradable bag

Most bags made of plastic are made from corn-based materials, such as polylactic acid blends. Today, biodegradable plastic bags are just as strong and reliable as traditional (mostly polyethylene) bags. Many bags are also made of paper, organic materials, or polycaprolactone.

"The public thinks biodegradable is a magical thing," despite the widespread use of the word, according to Ramani Narayan, a chemical engineer at Michigan State University in East Lansing, a scientific advisor to the Biodegradable Plastics Institute. This is currently the most commonly used, most commonly abused and misused word in our lexicon. In the Great Pacific Garbage Zone, biodegradable plastic breaks down into small pieces that can more easily enter the food chain by being consumed. ”

Recycling of biodegradable bags

In-plant waste can often be recycled, but post-consumer sorting and recycling is difficult. Bio-based polymers can contaminate the recycling of other, more common polymers. While manufacturers of oxybiodegradable plastics claim that their bags are recyclable, many plastic film recyclers will not accept them because there is no long-term study of the viability of recyclable products containing these additives. In addition, the Institute for Biodegradable Plastics (BPI) said that the formulation of additives in oxide films varies widely, which introduces more variability in the recycling process. SPIResin identifier 7 applies.

Product Description

Style :


Material :

RPET non woven /PLA non woven/recycled PP woven

Color :

Customized design, Maxumum printing 8 colors


Rotogavure printing, silk screen printing, hot stamp printing

Feature :

Reusable, eco-friendly, cheap, fashionable, durable

Suitable :

Shopping, advertisement, gift bag, promotional, garment/shoe bag

Service :

OEM & ODM service available

Product Details


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